Solo Business Travelers – Ways To Travel Safely

Business travelers rarely get to travel with family and friends and many are not even accompanied by colleagues or bosses and thus end up traveling alone most often than not. As a solo traveler you will pass through airports alone, take flights alone and even stay at the hotels all alone. Of course traveling alone is less expensive and many a times most fruitful, but safety is also of utmost importance even more so for women travelers. With just a few precautions you can travel and return home safely.



Prevention is indeed better than cure and a few tips to help tackle the loneliness and tension of solo travel will definitely go a long way when you travel by business class flights.


Limited Baggage and low profile – Travelers especially when going abroad tend to use public transportation may be to the airport or hotel etc. When doing so you need to be careful not to give out information to unknown people even co-passengers. Never reveal any personal information including your itinerary especially the return date or place of stay as it would give them an idea as to how long you would be away. Avoid getting too friendly with strangers and definitely do not give any information about yourself.


Do not be a hermit – Well not giving out information does not mean have to live like a loner. You can always become friendly with fellow travelers and guests at the hotel, just be a little wary. A good idea is to dine at the restaurant at the hotel instead of ordering food in your room; this should help you beat boredom to an extent.


Update family and friends regularly – When traveling alone crimes and troubles tend to haunt you and more so the people at home. So make it a point to call up family and friends regularly, give all the required information like flight details, hotel information particularly phone numbers and other contact details


Safety at the place of stay – Be wary and take all required precautions when staying at the hotel like locking the doors and windows properly, using chain lock and verify the identification of anyone who knocks on the door through the peep hole


Blend in and be safe – Look confident, blend in with the local environment, so once you stop looking like a traveler or visitor chances of attracting trouble decreases


Be alert in all circumstances and travel safe and sound.