Luxurious Amenities for First Class Travelers

Lavish amenities are provided to passengers who fly First Class or Business Class with Emirates, Qatar or Etihad. The sumptuous vanity bags provided by these esteemed airlines have been voted the best in the world.

international-first-amenities1Hosted by TravelPlus Media, the annual Airline Amenity Bag Awards held in Hamburg, ranked forty-eight vanity bags in economy, business and first class flights from twenty-seven of the world’s top airlines on a scale of one to six. A ranking of one was considered “taxing” and six was “fly me to the moon”.

Only five airlines achieved a six-star rating: Emirates, Etihad, Japan Airlines, Qatar and United Airlines. However, Air Canada, Condor and Iberia were only awarded three stars.

Middle Eastern and Far Eastern airlines dominated the top 10, with none of the best amenity kits coming from European airlines. Only one U.S. airline, United, earned t he full six-star “fly me to the moon” rating.

Some of the more lavish amenity bags were supplied in totes designed by luxury brands including Bally and Bulgari, which came stuffed with designer cosmetics from names like Clarins, Dermologica and Dior.

The top 10 most popular items to be found in the lavish kits were brushes, combs, eye masks, toothbrushes, ear plugs and even cozy socks.

“With hand-stitched artisan-crafted bags and including high-end brands like Bulgari, Lowe, Tumi, Bally, Clarins and Chopard, it’s clear that all the airlines are battling hard for those high-flyers who help subsidise the rest of us back in economy,” said spokesman Oonagh Shiel.

“These kits had us dreaming of the high life, with bling-tastic bags, upper-crust combs, luxurious lip balms and sumptuous slippers. But, if you do happen to have the cash and are looking for the best bits of kit in business or first class, our advice is that Emirates, Etihad, Japan Airlines, Qatar and United are fit to take you to the moon with their six-star ratings”, Shiel went on to say.