Virgin Plans to Deploy Airbus A330 Redesigned On New Delhi-London Sector

Virgin, jubilant about the 15% growth over the New Delhi- London sector last year in business class, has plans to acquire Airbus A330 that is totally redesigned. It also proposes to have built in connectivity for mobiles on this route starting next month.


Virgin Atlantic announced that they are also planning to redesign their upper class cabin which would be a perk of hundred million pounds that has been planned for the investment. The airlines also said that their business class will possess longer beds than any other airlines.Steve Ridgway who is chief executive of Virgin Atlantic said that he is very confident of attracting many more customers with new renovated business class cabins seeing the growth of 15% in business class from New Delhi last year.


He also said that the airline has taken nearly four and half years to design and then build the cabin. The airlines will also have Virgin Atlantic’s most comfortable and most sophisticated beds till date


In addition to this, their new Airbus A330 has a system known as Aero Mobile system by which passengers can make or receive calls across their cabin.


They can even send and receive text massages on their mobile phones even when you are airborne at an altitude of 35,000 feet, said the airlines.