Virgin Atlantic’s Dream Suite Takes to the Skies

The skies have a new addition as of the weekend of April 22 thanks to the new Upper Class “Dream Suite” in Virgin Atlantic’s aircrafts.  For all those interested flyers that haven’t been able to wait to get a peek at the new design of the business class cabin and seats, we’ve got the snapshots right here from the airline’s virginatlanticplaneview.com interactive tour.


Throughout 2012 Virgin Atlantic will be adding their A330s, as well as, their Boeing 787 to the fleet, adding more destinations. Sydney-Hong Kong-London service  with the new Dream Suite has not been announced.


While the design of the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class may be the same previous designs, it is definitely upgraded and stylish and classy.



At one look, you’ll see that the airlines trademark purple seat decked in leather has been replaced with a rich “espresso chocolate” leather seat with sharp brushed metal and wooden veneer. Virgin hasn’t ditched their trademark purple completely, you still see Virgin’s purple as highlights in the cabin which compliments the aubergine carpet in a dusky tone. The update is a classy, contemporary look of elegance and definitely all style.



The bar is still a “stand-out” factor with attractive Swarovski crystals that accent the curtain walls that are LED backlit and the bar.  The seat arrangement is quite comfortable and the layout, for the most part, is in a one-two-one setup the width of the  business cabin, but, staggered, somewhat.



Compared to the layout that now exists which is a one-one-one layout on Virgin Atlantic’s Airbus A340s, this is a much better design, as Virgin creates more seats to offer with the space available.  Each business class flyer has a sense of privacy with a divider that opaque patterned Perspex and separates the seat yet provides an overall open cabin atmosphere.



The newly designed seats add an addition 3.8 cm to the width of the seat, and fold out to a nicely sized 218 cm flat bed.  For the measurements in feet and inches, that is a bed that is 7’2” long, definitely long enough for the average adult.  Compared to the current design for Upper Class, that’s an extra 16 cm.  As for the seat recline, flyers will enjoy a 50% increase in recline than they experience in the current seats for business class.



The bed in the Dream Suite is the same design with the seat flipping over to a more cushiony underside for comfort.  Steve Griffiths, chief operator of Virgin Atlantic says that the airline has really pushed to have their frequent flyers involved with right around 1,200 taking part in workshop sessions, surveys, and a night sleeping on the plane in the new seats. “We have a great understanding of what flyers want out of their personal space and what they want on their time aboard the plane.  The result? Well-tuned design.



Just as in the old design of the Upper Class, the newly designed Dream Suite features a USB port so that flyers can keep their smartphone and / or laptops powered during their time in the air.


There is also the added benefit for flyers that would like to utilize their iDevice to plugin to the large 12.1” touchscreen, provided they have the appropriate adaptor plug.…and flyers will find, nestled within the seat, a touchscreen controller.



The entertainment system that each is tapped into?  JAM. For flyers that enjoy bringing along their books on flights, a new “pocket for literature” exists plus a LED reading lam which snakes down from the wall’s top divider.   There is also a convenient tray for cocktails. Virgin’s cocktail bar – new look  The bar a definite makeover in itself, still at the entry to Upper Class and still serving excellent cocktails.  The backlighting, hip, and an eye catcher from the moment passengers board, and separate from the cabin.



At the bar’s rear, passengers will have access to a liquor cabinet for DIY delights or straight shooting.



The Dream Suite is not solely for an upgraded business cabin and seats.  It is about new in-flight entertainment, new products and a dedication to service.  The new design, to put Virgin ahead of its competitors and at the top of the class.  Each seat features the addition of a multi pin international AC power socket so there is no more need to pull out your adaptor plug out


Dream Suite also features Virgin’s Aeromobile system for in-flight mobile text messaging, phone calls, and limited data. As for the limited data, Blackberry is the device that should be used over Android devices iPhone.


For mobile phone use overseas, Aeromobile is perfect and passengers won’t notice much of a difference in charge, provided that their local carrier has a roaming agreement with Aeromobile. Aeromobile is ideal for mobile phone overseas and acts just like a roaming service.  Passengers that have a local carrier with roaming agreement with.


To receive texts, make calls and on Blackberry receive email on the plane, provided your mobile phone is activated for international roaming.  If your smartphone is some other type, it is wise to turn your roaming off to avoid the expensive roaming data charges.  Data is used on some Smartphones even when an app is not being utilized.


As for food on flight, that has also been updated and the “fine dining” menu of Virgin Atlantic has been refreshed and the Dream Suite also now features an express supper menus for quicker service and lighter meals, which allows passengers to get back to what they were doing. The “whispering coach” in the Upper Class cabin helps to keep the noise down as the coach teaches flight attendants how to keep noise at a low during flight


When you’ll see the DreamSuite

As of April 21 the Dream Suite will be in the air.  The new design fitted into a new Airbus A330 will be in service for London-New York (VS003/004) flights six days a week.  Fridays, the Upper Class Dream Suite will be off and passengers will be in flight on an older A340 with the original design.