More business class flights by Jazeera to Jeddah

The frequency of flights from Kuwait to Jeddah is bound to increase with Jazeera Airways increasing their number of flights for the Ramadan months of July and August. From their current number of 6 flights per week they will be increasing to 10 flights each week. This move is to cater to the additional number of travelers from Kuwait who are expected to visit the holy Mecca city.


The aircrafts being operated by the airline has two classes, including the business class cabin. In this premium class, passengers get to enjoy individual cabins separated from the other parts of the aircraft, offering passengers luxurious amounts of comfort and space.  Travelers of business class also get to enjoy the airlines airport business lounge and check-in counter, both facilities being exclusive to these travelers. In addition they get a 60kg free baggage allowance, special in-flight menu with selected delicacies.



Jazeera’s current network of operations cover destinations that have a high demand amongst business travelers. The routes are Sharm El Sheikh, Beirut, Bahrain, Luxor, Damascus, Amman, Jeddah, Cairo, Dubai, Istanbul, Riyadh, Aleppo amongst numerous others. Their fleet of  aircrafts which includes the likes of Airbus A320 currently services the routes in North Africa and Middle East. Some of their aircrafts are the youngest being owned and operated by any airline in these continents.


Jazeera Airways was nominated best airline in North African and Middle Eastern category in 2011. The airline has also got a high ranking for its global performance. Jazeera is also recognized for its introduction of apps like mobile booking that allows for quick and easy booking, online check-ins that are fast and easy, self check-ins alternative amongst other unique features like competitive pricing of tickets, on-board shopping etc.