“No-frills business class” to grow

WTM Industry executives look forward to an increase of “no frills business class” flight options, which is a trend that started in the Middle East. “No frills business class”  is merely larger seats with more leg room, a meal and onboard duty free all for a lower price.
Jazeera Airways and Flydubai were the first to introduce this new booking class. Over 85% of senior industry executives believe no-frills business class cabins may be successful throughout the world.

The industry report says: “Europe and Asia are the two regions it is felt are best suited to the new and emerging business model, with 42% and 40% respectively. North America and the UK and Ireland followed on 35% and 29% respectively.”

The UK’s low-cost carriers could possibly embrace the no-frills business class cabins, claimed by Euromonitor International.

Holidaymakers reported they would pay extra for the service, and BBC journalist Stephen Sackur says the industry predicts the rise of no-frills business class to go global in 2014: “There is a sense this is something the worldwide industry is going to pick up on. UK holidaymakers seem to want to embrace the no-frills business concept – six out of ten say they would pay extra for it.”

Conversely, John Strickland of JLS Consulting said he wasn’t convinced that UK holidaymakers would pay as much as suggested for the service, as they reported they would only pay up to £350.

The WTM report polled 1,000 senior industry executives and 1,000 UK holidaymakers to travelled this year for seven nights or more, making their fourth annual report.

Sackur included, “The overbearing message is that there is a lot of optimism around. Despite all the economic difficulties that we see, optimism is returning to the industry…In particular there has clearly been an impact here in London and the UK from the Olympic Games and its legacy. There’s optimism and signs of it in the aviation industry, emerging travel and tourism markets”