Frank Oerthle meals now served on Swiss Air’s business and first class

Furthering the culinary program that SWISS has launched under the title “SWISS Taste of Switzerland”, the latest addition is serving its business class and first class travelers with meals designed by Frank Oerthle.



Frank Oerthle is the chef de cuisine at Lugano’s Galerie Arté al Lago restaurant. He has won the Michelin stars and 16 point by the GaulltMillau.


This offer is on till May end on the long haul flights until which time passengers taking the first class cabins and business class seats will be served with specialties from the Canton Ticino region of Switzerland. Frank has designed an innovative selection of cuisine to be served to passengers of outbound long distance flights from Switzerland. The same will also be served on certain inbound flights of SWISS.


The specialty of the meals are the cheeses it will be served with – Ticino Mutschli, formaggini di capra and other topTicino cheeses. Then there is also a wide choice of local wines to choose from and this includes white and red wines. White wines available are the likes of Chiar di Luna Bianco di Merlot, Vinattieri Bianco del Ticino DOC and the red wine list includes a Pra’ Rosso Ticino DOC, Casimiro Svizzera Italiana IGT.


In the business class passengers will be served a 3-course meal that has the likes of chive and ricotta filled San Pietro ham roll, hazelnut crust with beef fillet served on rhubarb crème and Maggia pepper sauce. Desserts menu includes strawberry mousse served with Szechuan pepper.


The first class cabin passengers are served with more delights like lobster coconut ball, mussel-and-octopus salad, Taggia olive crust filled with loin of lamb.