First Class Lounge in Hong Kong Facing Reinvention

Set to re-open early 2015, Cathay Pacific will close the first class section of its lounge in Hong Kong airport. Dubbed The Pier, this lounge is facing a major makeover; “We are exploring new concepts” a spokesman for Cathay Pacific told Australian Business Traveller.CXSolusJmain

Other Cathay lounges in Honk Kong include The Wing, The Cabin, and the newly reopened The Bridge. Unlike these lounges, The Pier won’t be designed by Foster & Partners. It will take over a year for the improvements to bloom with extensive refurbishment which won’t begin until third quarter of 2014.

The Pier’s First Class space will be used as a medium to help Hong Kong Airport Authority expand the T6 transfer desk in the meantime. The Pier’s Business Class lounge will stay open, and a portion sectioned off for first class passengers.

First class passengers on Cathay can also enjoy The Atrium, the upstairs section of The Wing Business Lounge, as well as Marco Polo Club Diamond and Oneworld Emerald equivalents during this time. The Bridge—newly reopened—is located a short walking distance from The Pier.

After The Pier’s first class lounge is reopened, the business class section will be up for a renovation.


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