New First Class Cabin of Air France

There has been a confirmation by Air France regarding a pivotal upgrade of its own first class cabin.  It has brought forward a product that is known to be the finest in Asian and Middle East carriers.


The seat which will be pressed into service in September en-route from Paris to Singapore, is a 6’7” bed with a specialized mattress called the futon mattress. It is 30 inches wide. It is considered to be very spacious.  To enhance the effect of a private cabin, there is a curtain divider. Air France believes that this is a better option rather than sliding doors and the passengers also like these.

BE Aerospace has devised the new seats. There is also a provision for an ottoman for dining along with a companion. Furthermore, there is a 24-inch TV and a nice bedside lamp. The décor is remarkable and has wood accents with accessories and red trimming.  There would be an investment of €50 million for the Boeing 777-300 fleet.  However, it consists of only four seats or suites available on each aircraft making a total of 76 suites.

This move was initiated some days after Etihad airlines brought forward its own first class upgrade. Bruno Matheu, who is the head of passenger business, confessed that the first class brought about less than two per cent of revenue.  He further mentioned that the ticket prices of approximately €9,000 proved to be very much profitable.

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