The First and Only First Class Option on U.S. Domestic Flights Ever

Recently, American Airlines has become the first and only U.S. carrier to offer travelers first-class seating on domestic flights.

Until recently, passengers have only had the choice between economy and business-class flights when flying between U.S. cities.


This options doesn’t come cheap, however, at $8,000 for a round trip ticket between Los Angeles and New York.

However, the extra money will afford passengers, who choose first-class, a whole host of extras for the six-hour flight between the two cities.

First-class passengers will be offered private berths, three-course meals boasting shrimp, scampi and even vented compartments that can house their pet in first-class luxury.

The seats onboard their A321T aircraft include fully lie-flat beds and a 15.4-inch touchscreen monitor. Travelers will have their choice of 200 films, 180 TV programs, 350 radio stations and 20 games in addition to having access to onboard Wi-Fi, powerpoints and USB ports. They will also be given, top of the line Bose, Noise Cancelling headphones.

The spacious seats are 27.4 inches wide, compared to the 19 inch seats in business class and 17.7 in the economy class cabins, along with additional legroom.

Flights on the A321T began in January, and President Scott Kirby said the service has generated an enthusiastic response at a recent investor conference near Los Angeles.

“I bet I had at least six to eight people seek me out at the conference to tell me how great the product was,” he said. “It’s a huge hit with our customers and doing well.”

Industry experts are now saying other U.S. airlines could follow suit and start adding first-class cabins to th eir cross-country flights.

“Once somebody disrupts a market with a product of that quality, the others are going to want to analyse it and see if they want to follow suit,” said John Beauvais, president-corporate brands for Flight Center USA and Latin America.