Better then First Class: Diamond First Class of Etihad Airways

The plan of Etihad Airways was crystal clear when it came to modernizing the Airbus A380 cabins and also Boeing 787 Dreamliner passenger jets.  They have brought a product which is considered to be highly ostentatious.

140505094709-2-ethiad-the-residence-bedroom-horizontal-galleryThe travelers will have the ultimate luxury of travelling in their very own private residence and will have the facility of availing the services of a butler, a gourmet chef and also services of the concierge. The cabins of the Airbus A380 and B787 were brought to the knowledge of the passengers at a weekend launch. You can find a VIP suite that is three room including a living room, double bedroom and ensuite facilities.

Etihad will provide the facility of an upper deck cabin which will have single or double occupancy. One special provision in the new A 380s is that there would be First Apartments which are designed like private suites and more interestingly they will consist of a lounge seat which can be reclined and there would also be a provision of a full sized bed.

Furthermore, the so called apartments will have the provision of a minibar, a unit consisting of a washbasin with cupboards beneath, a pivoting TV monitor that can be easily be seen from both the angles of the bed or the  seat. Etihad has a spectacular offer to provide to its esteemed passengers on the airline’s Dreamliners and that is the First Suites that have a large seat and that which convert an 80.5 inch-long bed.

There is a provision on the center seats wherein the armrests can retract and the suites can be put together to make a double bed. Other spectacular features that can be availed are a TV monitor that is 24 inches and an exciting minibar.

140505093847-1-ethiad-the-residence-horizontal-galleryEtihad promises to offer new brand business studios which will have the provision to facilitate 20 percent of individualized space in comparison to its business class seat. The seats will have the accessibility of an aisle  which can get transformed to a 80 inch bed. Another unique feature included in the airline would be the facility for the Muslim passengers to offer Special prayers and this can be done in both the aircrafts.

Etihad confirms that the areas where the prayers will be offered will have the provision of the Qibla-finder which will guide the passengers about the exact position of Mecca. Another great thing about the A380 Airbus is that all passengers of the business-class will have accessibility to the Lobby. Lobby refers to the place that is in midst of two cabins and service can be provided in the Lobby. Etihad airways has plans to upgrade the amenities, equipment meant for dining and also the furnishings for its entire fleet. There is no official report or announcement regarding the cost of the tickets.

According to the CEO of Etihad airways, these innovative living spaces will raise the services standards to a greatest level in commercial aviation standards and there would be increase in the expectations of the travelers  with respect to the comfort and luxury.  The cabins are the handiwork of the Etihad Design consortium which is aligned with three design companies like Honor branding, factory design and acumen.

Etihad made of the feedback of the consumers and used this research to make out what is actually a great flight and to design the unique products.


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