Best Airlines According to Twitter

KIEV UKRAINE - APRIL 30 2015:Twitter logotype bird printed on paper. Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short messages.

Who Knows Best?

Everyone has an opinion, but who knows best? If you do a quick search online for “the best airline,” you’ll be bombarded with links that direct you to carefully produced lists. These lists will often honor airlines who have been reported to have the best food, the best crew, most on-time, etc.

Typically, these lists are compiled by frequent flyers and those who interact regularly with the airline industry. Their experience and opinion on air travel holds a lot of weight and are often backed up by various awards. If this is the type of information you’re looking for, then you might want to look for another blog.

To Each Their Own

We want to give a voice to those who might not be able to judge what best overall. They do, however, know what’s best for them.  These airlines all have something in common: they did something so well that their customer wanted to tell the world about it.

It may not be an award given at a prestigious ceremony, but nonetheless, we think that deserved to be recognized. We hope you think so, too.

Here are the best airlines according to Twitter. See what these airlines do that make their flyers so happy, they have to tweet about it.





Aer Lingus


Air Canada

Supporting Paralympians

Air New Zealand

Community Pride



Even DJ and producer Basshunter approves of Emirates.







Virgin Atlantic



Cathay Pacific



First Class





Young female passenger on smart phone at gate waiting in termina

Make Your Voice Heard

Do any of these tweets make you re-evaluate your favorite airline? On the other hand, maybe they reaffirm your alliance to your go-to airline. Social media sites, like Twitter, give everyday people a chance to voice their opinion. They may not be the best people to make the judgment call, but we think their opinions matter. We think your opinion matters, too. Leave a comment to let us know what your favorite airline is and what it is they do best. Just because your opinion isn’t the most qualified, doesn’t mean it lacks quality.